Welcome to Kinetic International

KINETIC INTERNATIONAL is currently permitted to organize operations as an International Financial Entity (IFE), established under the International Financial Entities Act of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Law 273/2012), United States of America. KINETIC INTERNATIONAL is subject to the federal laws and rules related to North American bank practices, having to comply with the federal regulations governing all US banks: CIP, AML, BSA and Patriot Act. KINETIC INTERNATIONAL plans to offer financial services authorized by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Intuitions. The institution was established by a group of professionals with vast experience and expertise in financial services, FINTECH, U.S. listed financial securities, private equity, and structure financing.

The KINETIC INTERNATIONAL headquarters are located in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We are proud to become the anchor tenant of the historical Banco Español at 152 Tetuan Street in Old San Juan. Currently under renovation.

For more information: info@kineticbank.com

Our Mission

Providing first-class bespoke financial services to the broader European, South American and Asian markets.